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- February 14, 2017 -

CSS: The BEM Methodology

For the longest time, CSS was known to be a difficult language to maintain, where the slightest modification could be critical and where everybody kinda did their own thing. Starting with that hypothesis, these methodologies were designed to make a web site’s style sheets more legible and maintainable. OCSS is one, BEM is another. Each - Read more -

- February 10, 2017 -

Lahoucine, Technical Leader with altima for 2 years

“I’ve always loved the challenge and creative aspects that the developer job offers; to start with a real need, to model it and then to create the code that makes it possible to meet the need. I oriented my choice to JAVA (JEE) which is an evolved and complete language that makes it possible to - Read more -

- February 9, 2017 -

Babyliss Gets a Makeover and a Youthful Glow

For over 50 years, Babyliss has been THE reference for many French women notably as concerns hairstyling. But today, Babyliss turned to us and trusted us for a makeover. First the icon for the curling iron, the brand diversified its product range and also its target market, men, who can also tend to their beards - Read more -

- February 3, 2017 -

RDV Recap: MTL #2

It appears that the excitement around Montreal’s first #ecomRDV wasn’t contained to the team at altima°. Our originally scheduled venue for the 2nd event couldn’t accommodate the local e-com community’s desire to participate, resulting in a last minute change of location. Still, the whole team rolled up their sleeves to pull off another successful event - Read more -

- January 27, 2017 -

Back to Service Design Days !

Better late than never, here’s our vision of the Service Design Days (SDD)! Late… well, as we are talking about a long term innovation method, we thought it was important to tell it right, plus the slide decks have just been released! If you missed it, here is what you should know about SDD, and what we think. 1 minute - Read more -

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 3.23.12 PM
- January 25, 2017 -

RDV Recap: NYC #1

altima°s E-commerce Rendezvous is an event series scheduled to occur every couple of months in both NYC and Montreal. We’re bringing merchants, partners, and e-Com enthusiasts together to share conversation and industry insights. The first NYC Rendezvous was held last Wednesday in Poppin’s showroom near Madison Square Park. We’re pleased to report a successful start to the series! Each of - Read more -

- January 24, 2017 -

Cross-Selling: Know Thyself

Websites that “know” their customers and offer them curated cross-selling experiences are the gold standard in e-Commerce. Unfortunately, not every e-Com Manager can be afforded such a luxury. Between time, budget, partnerships, customer databases, integrating systems, etc… implementing and maintaining such an ambitious strategy is easier said than done. Socrates and I say that if - Read more -

- January 24, 2017 -

PIM Akeneo – Award for the most innovative project

During the Akeneo Partner Summit in November 2016, Akeneo awarded us the prize for the year’s most innovative project for PIM implementation at Electro Dépôt. A beautiful reward from the software solutions company who recognizes the work done for our client. Quite a lot to be proud of The Electro Dépôt PIM Project Electro Dépôt’s - Read more -

- January 16, 2017 -

Google BigQuery Workshop in London

On December 6 and 7, 2016, Google invited us to an in-depth workshop on their big data technology: BigQuery. This workshop took place over the course of two mornings in London. We already use BigQuery at altima° with two primary perspectives. The first is to use the Analytics connector supplied by Google to complete the - Read more -

- January 12, 2017 -

The color for 2017

It’s done, it’s decided, Pantone settled it! And the color for 2017 is: Greenery. A powerful green that’s fresh, refreshing, energetic, positive, optimistic, leafy, vintage, and so much more. Wow, that alone required a major spin on the Internet to present this beautiful list. In short, Greenery is a little like the cold, invigorating! A - Read more -

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