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- October 25, 2016 -

Visual Website Optimizer: 5 tricks to use it like a pro

Visual Website Optimizer is a testing tool created in 2009 by the company Wingify. Same as its competitors, VWO offers A/B testing, MVT, and personalization. Since 2016, it also offers qualitative analysis tools, allowing to gain more insights about your users and your tests. 1) Test targeting Test targeting is a prime parameter when launching a - Read more -

2016 trend in mobile
- October 20, 2016 -


The first six months of the year have passed, summer has slowly arrived – ok, granted that heat wise, it’s not yet tropical yet – and we can already take a quick look at what’s been happening in mobile advertising since January. And suffice it to say, we’ve been spoiled! So, buckle your seat belts - Read more -

- August 30, 2016 -

Attend Demandware Retail Connect Customer Conference taking place in Shanghai on September 14!

After Sydney in August, Demandware will organize its annual Retail Connect Customer Conference in Shanghai, China on September 14. This cloud conference program across Asia Pacific region will be heading to Tokyo two days later. Demandware is a software technology company providing a cloud-based e-commerce platform, as well as additional services for retailers and brand - Read more -

international marketing
- August 22, 2016 -

So You Want to Do International Marketing

There are many companies that profess to be able to help you become a serious player on the international online stage. Are you a global ecommerce site? Do you provide services to people or companies throughout the world? If you do then you should know some of the caveats of hiring a company to help - Read more -

- August 19, 2016 -

Pokemon Go: beyond the game hides a powerful local marketing tool

Available for several weeks now in France and Canada, the Pokemon Go application expects to make as many fans here as with our American friends where the application rapidly imposed itself as the most important mobile game in US history. Overview of the phenomenon For those who may not be in the know, on July - Read more -

Bannière article blog4
- August 19, 2016 -

Thomas, SEO Consultant, with altima° for 5 years

“As I had affinities for the worldwide web, I decided to specialize in marketing and e-commerce after my licence degree. I joined altima° for my end-of-study internship as an organic search project manager.” In his 5 years with the agency, Thomas has continued to develop professionally due to his expertise and today, he works as - Read more -

- August 17, 2016 -

Best Ways To Use Facebook Algorithm Changes

While Facebook may be developing a search engine, right now they have an algorithm that online marketers should be keeping track of if they get any traffic from social media. Over the past couple of years the way Facebook has shown you posts in their Newsfeed has changed dramatically and definitely impacted the volume of - Read more -

- August 5, 2016 -

altima° Becomes a Google Analytics Certified Partner in Shanghai

Starting from May 2016, our Shanghai office has become a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). This certification validates our agency’s strong digital analytics expertise in China from one of the leading analytics solutions worldwide. It is important to note that the Google Analytics partnership does not work at a global level, each local office having - Read more -

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