Where to begin ?
Should we tell you that we won the famous GOLD trophy (that many dream of) OR tell you that for the third consecutive year (oh yes!) we won the jackpot? šŸ™‚ A superb Gold trophy in the Design category for our client Salomon. No arrogance on our part, just the pleasure of writing, of reading, and of hearing these words!


Our story with Salomon started in 2009. In 2016, Salomon sought to rework their positioning. The brand chose Sid Lee to rework its visual identity and maintained its trust in altimaĀ° for the digital and more specifically, e-commerce.
Sid Lee redefined the brandā€™s area of expression around the notion of play and maintained their position with one simple phrase: TIME TO PLAY!
Playing to advance, to improve, but playing within established rules. With a product and a service offer thatā€™s cutting edge, Salomon makes it possible to play on different playing fields all year long.

Our Goal ?
Move Salomonā€™s new visual identity to the digital! Ā A palette of specific colors for each of the brandā€™s sectors (running, trail, ski, mountaineering among others) highlighted by neon nuances that add highlights to the menus, rollovers and the siteā€™s borders which contrast with the darker header and footer. The product images are enlarged while the pages presenting them are lighter and more structured allowing content to be expressed in a more legible fashion. The page structure on desktops takes advantage of higher user screen resolutions to offer a full page interface that adapts to tablets as well as mobiles. In depth technical work was also undertaken on the platform that was developed and maintained by altimaĀ°, to reduce response times and to improve key functions on the site.

High performance results!
The redesign deployed in 16 countries offered a transformation rate of +37% as compared to the prior year.
But above all, it was an exceptional feat for a site produced in 4 months by a team of 12 passionate and committed individuals.

ā€œThe relationship that we have with Salomon is a beautiful story like the ones we like to tell at altimaĀ°. It has lasted many years, our employees love working with our client and I feel safe to say that itā€™s mutual! Being awarded this magnificent prize after so many years of collaborative efforts is, to me, beautiful proof of commitment and the quality work that our teams produceā€ says Jean-Pierre Cauchy, General Director of the Lyon agency.

Dear Lyon team (let us render unto Caesar what is Caesarā€™s) we take some pride in you but above all know that thanks to you, our client is really happy!


Blandine Stapek-Weck

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